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Chat programs - ASP.NET Chat Pro

Looking for chat programs? Need just a general chat on your site or advanced chat you can customize and control?    Try advanced chat now!   
Take a brand NEW version 4.0.1 of ZBit ASP.NET Chat Pro for a test-drive. New advanced chat features include multi-skin User Interface with the "Classic" and "Support Helpdesk" skins provided, improved kick and ban functionality, multi-language support, highly optimized performance on .NET version 4.0 and much more.
   Need a general chat and have no time to set it up? We can help. We use our chat to help you set up yours. We provide email support free of charge till complete client satisfaction.   

Chat programs - ASP Chat

   Try asp chat now!    Have asp driven site and looking for web page addons? We can propose reliable, easy to install and customizable asp chat. Our asp chat, just as advanced ASP.NET Chat needs no java, uses DHTML on the client side and does not requires page reload! Read more about asp chat or try it right now.
"...a nice affordable stable chat program And their support gets right back to you so you can get on with other things."
- Dave White [Owner] , Basslurereviews.com , August 2008
"This chat app has been a dream. It totally works for me, and was cheap. I even got some help with the mods I put in. "
- David J,  http://www.currentscene.com, February 2009
"ABOVE AND BEYOND what I would of expected from a smaller ASP utility provider. 10 Stars. Thanks Very Much!"
- Frank Di Cosimo [IT Manager The LTC Group] , September 2008
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